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Altitude Training Hypoxia
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Exercise Is For Everyone . . .

Fitness Through Exercise is the place to find fitness and exercise information for real people living real lives. We realise that people have to work, study and look after families, and sometimes fitness and exercise slide down the list of priorities. What we hope to do is to provide you with information and guidance that will encourage you to exercise as and when you can, and adopt a diet which reflects healthy eating patterns. Fitness should be a goal for everyone, whatever their circumstances. In this site you will find exercise techniques and training plans for all sorts of people, so you should find help in getting fit, following a good diet plan and maintaining fitness whatever your current level.


Prepare for Fitness and Exercise . . .

If you're starting a fitness and exercise program, you need to ensure you know what your medical condition is, and plan an appropriate fitness and exercise program to meet those needs.

Fitness exercise and diet tipsOnce you have had a medical check up, and have ruled out any unforseen probems, you can start your fitness regime. Follow our fitness and diet plan and you will achieve fitness at a steady pace, and will not be burnt out after a few days. What we promote is a fitness, diet and exercise lifestyle, rather than a quick fix for a special event.

Live Fitness and Exercise . . .

Remember our basic rules for fitness:

  • Warm up before each exercise session
  • Exercise within your limits.
  • Exercise steadily rather than following some unsustainable schedule.
  • Cool down after each exercise session
  • Develop an exercise and fitness lifestyle.
  • Diet and diet control should be a vital component of your fitness plan.


Fitness through exercise and dietBy following our basic fitness plan, you will achieve a good level of fitness for everyday life. We will describe exercises, diet and fitness plans for a variety lifestyles, however if you are coming from a background where fitness has not been a priority, make it your first goal to incorporate our basic fitness plan into your lifestyle. We want you to be fit for life, not for a week.


Enjoy Fitness and Exercise . . .

Exercise doesn't have to be boring, repetitive or totally out of step with your normal lifestyle. In addition to formal exercise schedules and gym visits, exercise can be fun and casual. Playing sport and games with clubs, or even with children and friends, can be an excellent way to exercise.

Perhaps the most important approach to exerciseis to introduce variety. Don't stick slavishly to one fitness regime. Try different exercise activities, and make sure they fit into your lifestyle and can be maintained.


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List of Best Abdominal Exercises
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Total Body Exercises vs Single Muscle Group Exercises
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TRX Suspension Training
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Running Advice and Tips
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Treadmill Fitness
Walking Tips and Advice
NEAT Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis
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Environmental Influences on Health, Exercise and Fitness
Sports Insurance
Muscle Fiber Types
Exercise and Inflamation
Post Exercise Carbohydrates
Cruciate Knee Injuries
Exercise and Respiratory Disease
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